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The Vietnamese Children's Songbook

Let's begin a musical and cultural journey together.

Young Vietnamese girl on the cover of a songbook titled "The Vietnamese Children's Songbook"
Young Vietnamese boy eating a mooncake during the Harvest Moon Festival
Four elephants romping in a field with friendly spiders. Sheet music of The Elephant Song with Vietnamese lyrics and English translation.
Con Voi / ElephantTina Huỳnh
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The Vietnamese Children’s Songbook is a collection of nine songs and Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon Festival activities for children aged 3-10 years. It can be used by practitioners, parents, and children in the classroom, music studio setting or in the home.


This illustrated songbook includes cultural background information, supplemental Vietnamese language guidance, and music recordings of each song. The songs and activities are sure to inspire teachers, parents, and children to begin a musical journey together. A separate teaching guide is available for purchase.


The e-book includes:

  • Full-color illustration and sheet music of children’s songs, games and activities

  • Audio recordings of all songs, speaking practice tracks of lyrics, and tracks with conversational Vietnamese phrases

  • Videos for visual and aural guidance on pronouncing Vietnamese lyrics

  • Cultural information and activities about the child-centered Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon Festival

    • Mooncakes

    • How to make a lantern

    • Chi Chi Chành Chành, a children’s game

    • Map of Vietnam

  • Pronunciation Guide including an explanation on tonal accents and the International Phonetic Alphabet 

About the Author
A headshot of Dr. Tina Huynh in a fuschia colored sweater holding a flute.

About the Author

Tina A. Huỳnh

Tina Huỳnh is a music educator with over 20 years of experience teaching general music, instrumental and choral music in private, public, and studio settings. She discovered a love for music at a young age through the Vietnamese songs her parents used to sing to her, such as “Con Mèo” and “Trông Kìa Con Voi”, as well as American children’s music books with accompaniment tapes such as the Wee Sing series. Beginning piano lessons at age six, she also learned the flute and saxophone. Tina earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education, Bachelor of Arts in French and California Teaching Credential in K-12 Music from California State University Long Beach, and Master of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees in Music Education from the University of Southern California. Tina is currently Assistant Professor of Music Education at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA.


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About the Illustrator
A picture of illustrator Jessica Dinh in a flower-patterned dress.

About the Illustrator

Jessica Đinh

Jessica Đinh first became intrigued by art through the numerous books her parents would read to her as a child, from bright and colorful picture books to illustrated novels, such as The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.  She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Laguna College of Art and Design, where she began tailoring her art skills with a technological focus toward game development.  Jessica is currently an Environment Art Supervisor in the video game industry, and her passion for art is wide-ranging, including a love for digital art, oil painting, music, and craft hobbies.  

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