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How This Book Got Published

Updated: May 29, 2023

This book would not be in its existing e-book form if it weren't for Darlene Machacon. Darlene is currently a high school choir teacher who used to teach elementary general music. A few years back, she was looking for resources on Vietnamese children's music so that she could teach them to her Vietnamese students. She eventually found me through one of the workshops I was offering on teaching Vietnamese children's music. Darlene happens to be on the board of F-Flat Publishers, an e-book (get it? F-flat? E?) publisher and she was the one who encouraged me to present this book to F-Flat. And now here we are!

On the bottom of this site's homepage, you'll see a podcast from F-Flat Publishers that features me and Darlene talking about the book, amongst other important matters about representation, teaching, and learning about Asian Americans in the world of music education.

So... a BIG THANK YOU to Darlene! This book would not be here as an e-book without her! By the way, she is delightful and amazing and you can follow her on Instagram at #thedarlingmusicteacher

Thanks for reading!


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